Alkush works with a focus to serve the society in ways more than one. Besides its economic, legal & ethical responsibilities, Alkush endeavours to be a good corporate citizen of the world. Alkush consistently engages itself in transforming & uplifting the social face of India at various facets.
We are an environment conscious company and are aware of the scale of impact that our operations have on the environment. As a part of our CSR policy, we are keenly involved in the development of the environment. We are committed to exploring ways to reduce the impact of what we do because environmental protection is the value Alkush truly believes in.

As a part of its CSR policy, we are committed to do business in a manner to achieve continual improvement in environmental performances. In doing so we strive towards:
- Encouraging recycling or reuse of office waste
- Conserving energy and water through better management
- Minimizing use of non biodegradable products in food and beverage department

- The products we manufacture do not harm the environment. The packaging bottles used for packaging are completely recyclable.

Alkush strives to be good corporate citizen. We work to support the sustainability of both global and the local communities in which we operate and actively encourage our employees, customers and suppliers to consider the needs of others and involve themselves in public services through public-private partnerships.

Alkush helps the needy through donations. We sponsor community events that promote health, fitness, and other aspects for society's welfare. Among these activities are sports festivals, health or fitness campaigns, and job fairs. Moreover, we also offer regular donations to humanitarian organizations.