Alkush Hospitality

Alkush Hospitality offers dedicated support structure that facilitates efficiency across all facets of hospitality service development and operations. We believe in providing single-source solutions for specific requirements of our valued clients.



When it comes to food, Alkush endeavours to provide the best in class service, location and crew. Besides adding a designer touch, Alkush ensures that the quality of food is not compromised at any cost.In addition, self-owned delivery vehicles offer timely delivery as per the client’s requirements.


Pukhraj Multi Cuisine Restaurant at Daman is a full service oriented restaurant with dedicated meal courses.The main focus of Pukhraj Multi Cuisine Restaurant is on our menu, service & atmosphere. Pukhraj is a vegetarian restaurant and boasts of a perfect combination of flavors, colours, tastes, aromas and textures.

Combination of food and art makes our food taste good and look good. With our latest offerings, our prime focus is to offer the finest, most authentic and original recipes with a conscious effort to prepare consistent dishes across locations.
We have special arrangements for events like birthday parties, kitty parties, corporate get together & marriage catering.


Prayag Thali is a unique concept of Alkush Hospitality which is to focus on the Experience the taste of royalty with home-made Indian style Thali that will pamper your taste buds like never before. Prayag Thali is determined to provide Healthy and nutritional Food made with natural ingredients. We focus on enriching and nourishing the lives balancing innovative solutions and service excellence.

Our Brands

Our Services
  • Flavors
  • Cuisine
  • Food Preparation
  • Food Design
  • Seasoning
  • Design
  • Food Nutrition
  • Food Safety
  • Recipe
  • Utensils
  • Cooking Instructionse
  • Presentation & serving
  • Customer Taste
  • Food Hygiene

Dedicated Team
  • Chefs
  • Attendants
  • Managers
  • Serving Team
  • Supervisors
  • Cleaning Team

Alkush Hospitality Reaches out to the Customers by Ensuring
  • Canteen service to all types of industrial & commercial sectors.
  • Fresh & hygienic food
  • Canteen design solution
  • Stainless steel ware & ceramic ware

We Train

Due training is provided to the current and new staff to be an expert team at the canteens, guesthouses, hotels and restaurants. Our training centres governed by experienced trainers are well-equipped with the required infrastructure.

Training centres majorly cover the following points

  • Cooking & serving Presentation
  • Canteen management
  • Time management
  • Canteen cleanliness & hygiene
  • Communication & behavior
  • Waste management
  • Reception management
  • Personality development
  • Body language
  • Safety

We provide two kinds of training to the staff
  • Induction Training
  • On-The-Job Training

The induction training includes:
  • Cooking
  • Providing knowledge of layout of the workplace
  • Learning about the duties of the job
  • Learning about workplace rules & regulations
  • Introduction with colleagues

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